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Francois Hollande said he will quit if fails to overcome unemployment


French President Francois Hollande has declared that he won’t look for in 2017 if he doesn’t succeed to cut unemployment.


During a televised interview, Mr. Hollande admitted he had made slip-ups since taking office in 2012 but pledged to go ‘to the end’ to reform the economy.

The interview is widely watched as an effort by Mr. Hollande to perk up his declining popularity.

Unemployment is currently at 11% in France and economic development has all but ground to a halt.

With Mr. Hollande’s reputation at an all-time low, the far-right Front National led by Marine Le Pen has been making consistent gains.

“I’ve got a thick skin. For two-and-a-half years I’ve been hanging on,” Mr. Hollande said.


“I’ve made mistakes. Who has not?”

Referring to his unsuccessful promise to “invert the trend” of unemployment, he said: “Do you think I can say to the French people, ‘I didn’t manage it for five years, but I promise I’ll do it in the next five?’ It doesn’t work like that.

“If I don’t manage it before the end of my term, do you think I will go before the French people in 2017? The French people would be unyielding and they would be right.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Hollande promised to go “to the end to reform France…to make it stronger in the two and a half years I have left.”

He also assured that by the beginning of next year there would be no extra tax “on anyone”.

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