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Fevikwik ad is a treason: BJP


NEW DELHI: Bhartia Janata Party (BJP)’s Ujjain MP Chitamani Malviya on Tuesday strove to blow a controversy in Lok Sabha after making objections on the latest Pidilite ad showing an Indian soldier alongside a Pakistan soldier at Wagah border.


Ujjain termed the ad as ‘anti-national’ and an called it an insult to the soldiers of the nation.

Mr Malviya said that the ad features an Indian soldier stitching up a torn show in a flash utilizing ‘Fevikwik’ while being at the Wagah border during usual parade. The MP expressed that this way Pidilite had insulted and humiliated the sacrifice of hundreds of soldiers who devoted their lives for the nation in various battles against Pakistan.


“I request the government that the creator, writer and director of this ad be tried for treason,” Malviya said.

Although it is not the first time that India created an ad humiliating Pakistan, but it is unusual that such type of ad is objected in Indian parliament terming it as ‘treason’ against their own country.

Here is the Ad:

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