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Fake Apple iPhone manufacturing factory sealed in China


BEIJING: Beijing police busted a fake iPhone producing factory that has produced almost 41,000 fake worth nearly 120 million yuan equal to $19 million.


The police also detained nine suspects in the counterfeiting operation. These arrested also include a married couple who led the operation, after a raid in May on the factory, performed under the shape of a gadget maintenance work place on the northern outskirts of the city.

Officials have taken serious actions to inflict intellectual property (IP) rights, persuaded companies to apply for trademarks and patents and take serious concerns over fakes.


The police also discovered and grabbed almost 1,400 handsets and considerable amount of accessories during the May 14 raid. According to the police, their looking into the matter followed a tip-off from US authorities who seized some of the fake sets.

The fate of the emulated phones is unknown. The public security representatives did not say anything about the whole thing telling media they had no further information. The big brand company, Apple, also did not comment, maintaining the investigation was ongoing.

Meanwhile, it isn’t for the first time that a fake industry is discovered in China. A few days back, the news hit the social media telling a fake police station found in China.

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