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Ex army chief became the president of Egypt


Cairo: Abdel Fattah Al Sisi was sworn in as Egypt’s President on Sunday following a massive win in recent election, almost a year after he removed the first elected president Mursi and crushed his supporter. Ex-army chief, Sisi became the country’s second elected president since a massive revolution threw strongman Hosni Mubarak away from power in 2011.


Western countries alarmed by the brutal crackdown on dissent following Sisi’s ousting of president Mursi, mostly sent low level representatives.


At presidential palace, the new country chief addressed to Arab royals, foreign and Egyptian dignitaries and said it was time “for our great people to obtain the fruits of their two revolutions”. “The time has come to build a more stable future,” he said after signing a power transfer with outgoing interim president Adly Mansour, the chief justice.

Egyptians see Sisi as the best leader to restore peace and stability of the country as he won May 26-28 election with 96.9 per cent vote against his rival, the leftist leader Hamdeen Sabbahi. The votes were boycotted by Muslim Brotherhood and secular dissidents.

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