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Despite bad patch in relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan are brother: DG ISPR


ISLAMABAD: Director General Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asim Bajwa on Friday expressed his views about Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan by saying that despite bad patch in relations, Pakistan and Afghanistan are brothers.


“I think we are restoring our relationship to normalcy and there are [Afghan] cadets who are coming Pakistan [for military training],” he said.

“You go and meet a common Afghan on the streets [of Afghanistan]; he must have been in Pakistan. So, it is like homecoming for all Afghans and we really cherish our visit to Kabul,” added Mr. Bajwa.


He said that leading officials from both nations have continuously been meeting – a move that is unprecedented due to frosty relations between these countries. Formerly, Afghanistan and Pakistan had played blame game over the attacks on either side of the border.

However, according to the administration in Pakistan, there is betterment in military and intelligence cooperation with Afghanistan – a thought Afghan official’s mirror, as they acknowledged Pakistan’s counter-terrorism move which is perking up security beside the border.

Explaining the recent development in relations between the neighbours, former Pakistani envoy to Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq said it was solely due to the exertions of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who was implementing treaties that were drawn during former Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s reign.

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  1. Be prepared for history to repeat itself for fools who do not learn from history are given beatings. In Bill Clinton’s time, Pakistan established an office for the Taliban in Dubai, UAE that in fact hurt Pakistan more. We are seeing Hillary Clinton come to power soon aided by her husband Bill Clinton who would promote such an office once again; we see the office opening up in Doha Qatar. This is a very dangerous move as it cost Pakistan in the past. Any such offices in a Gulf country who is hand in hand with the USA means detriment to Pakistan.

    The other thing to realize is Pakistan never learned, Afghanistan is a nation that does not like interference. They don’t care and will destroy any nation, just like USSR through Pakistan’s help. If it comes to Afghanistan, they can destroy Pakistan through the Taliban and their remnants that went to TTP did enough damage. They were, are, and never will be Pakistan’s friend since Pakistan’s birth, the opposition to Pakistan was by Afghanistan.

    So its all a waste to step in there as they don’t see us as their brothers, we do. When its one sided as a relationship its only based on interest and not on brotherhood so it can be to the detriment to the one who is gullible.

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