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Death toll crosses to 1800 in India due to scorching heat


NEW DELHI: Due to rise in temperature from the last few days in India, the number of deaths due to scorching heat rises above 1800 and majority of the deceased belonged to under developed and poor areas.


According to media reports majority of the affected people belong to Andhra Pradesh state where the number of death toll has crossed 1200.

On the other hand, in Telungana state death toll has crossed 300 due to severe heat from the last few days. A large number of affectees of both states have been admitted to the hospitals that are also affected due to severe heat.


The Met department of India has said in its report that average temperature of India this year would remain about 45 degrees that is five degrees more as compared to last year that is the major cause of large number of deaths.

Met department has advised the people to come out of their houses only in dire need and if they come out, do cover their heads.

Indian government has also instructed the public to get themselves safe from the severe heat and adopt safety measures.

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