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David Cameron to spend more for dementia cure


 The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has augmented the funding for dementia research to speed up the search for the treatments.



“The truth is that dementia now stands alongside cancer as one of the greatest enemies of humanity,” Cameron addressed a summit on dementia in London. The increase in research investment is ‘big, bold global push’ strategy to beat the disease. Dementia varies in array of conditions resulting mental decline affecting 40 million people in the world. The new research will examine the medical conditions and lifestyles of two million British volunteers aged over 50, using cognitive studies, brain imaging and genetics to discover the causes and potential cure for dementia. Alzheimer is the most common appearance of dementia known to us. “We need to join up the dots and create a big, bold global push to beat this,” Cameron said, saying that regulations should be eased to allow new drugs to be tested earlier. “It will take year of work but we have shown with other diseases that we can make progress and we will do so again.” Cameron concerned over “market failure” to which only three drugs have been released for dementia in last 15 years. He asked the governments to invest into dementia research which cost the global economy $604 billion in 2010, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International. Being president of the G8 in 2013, Britain is hosting a summit on dementia, at which experts hoped to discover a cure by 2025. Dr Dennis Gillings, the recently-appointed global dementia envoy, described progress on new research and treatments for the disease as “achingly slow”.

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