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CPEC is part of greater One Belt One Road (OBOR) Plan by China


China eyeing to expand the trade and to reach out to the Europe, Africa and rest of Asia, came up with a project known as One Belt One Road (OBOR) that will surely be a boost to economic growth boost to China when it will be set operational.


Around 116 projects are being presented under OBOR, following which China will be investing in around 50 countries to make a global infrastructure network.

One Belt One Road (OBOR) list of countries

OBOR list of countries

Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road are two important projects which will be carried underway China’s OBOR plan and will be making space for China to trade with countries like Spain, Germany, Malaysia and Kenya.

Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road route (Important projects under OBOR)

OBOR Important Projects


And amid many other projects under OBOR, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is of due importance as it will be giving China access to Middle East, South Asia and Africa . With CPEC official signings many of the Pak-China rival countries were anxious but after having the project OBOR which is larger investment of China to get the trade access to Eurasia, the rival countries have got the point that China is pulling off this initiative to increase the trade and to get its product reach out to maximum countries.

CPEC, being the most important and initial project of China, seems to be the China’s flagship project under OBOR. The points which makes it most clearer on the board are the whopping investment of $46 Billion and the other one is that it is the most mandatory project of China in means to expand its trade, and with this getting completed, the other projects under OBOR will be following it as it will be the first out of it.

CPEC Route

CPEC Route

The security issues and inter-provincial issues were some hurdles in between CPEC but Pakistan Army is on the board with the Pak-China governments and has recently reaffirmed their commitment to complete CPEC.

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