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China uses drone for invigilation in college exams


BEIJING: The drone technology is being used in China for invigilation in some of the very important key tests in colleges.


These drones were used in two of the test centers in the Chinese province Heynan in which two candidates were having secret devices for cheating and the done successfully caught the signals of those devices being used by the students.

It is mandatory for all the graduates of high school to appear in this exam because on the basis of numbers secured in this test, they are able to get admission in different universities.

An official told in this regard that this drone used for invigilation in the test centers is very expensive and made with a cost of millions of Yuan.


In this test about nine million candidates appeared and there is a lot of pressure on the students as well as on the parents for this test.

Most of the parents also live with their kids in the far away cities during the examination. In case of failure in this test, the student has either to repeat for one more year or to do some low paid jobs.

Cheating is very common in this test because of its competency. Education Ministry told in this regard that about 23 candidates have so far been arrested in case of cheating since the last of May.

The students who caught red-handed in copying during the test have to face the ban of three years to appear in the test.

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