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China to grant $10 million to Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Chine is likely to provide $10 million to Pakistan after an agreement signed between the Chinese ambassador and Pakistani secretary economic affairs division.


“Sun Weidoing, the ambassador of China to Pakistan, along with Muhammad Saleem Sethi, Secretary of Economic Affairs Division of Pakistan, signed an agreement between the government of the Pakistan’s Republic of China and the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the special grant,” a press release issued by the Chinese embassy said.

The press release also added that this signing of the agreement is the implementation of a pertinent upshot of President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Pakistan.


“China firmly supports the efforts of Pakistan to safeguard its national security and the Chinese side will continue to provide assistance within its capacity for the reconstruction and livelihood improvements of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA),” added the release.

In the light of the agreement, the grant will be issued in cash enabling Pakistan to ensure rehabilitation of Fata inhabitants based on the mutual understanding between both the countries and to support enhance people’s wellbeing, preserve stability and promote social development.

Previously, the Chinese government had provided $10 million to Pakistan last year to support dealing with IDPs and flood-affected people.

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