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We are capable of bringing Pakistan to heel: Modi


NEW DELHI: A session of high ranked leadership was held under the supervision of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Modi was briefed about the disputes on borders alongside Pakistan and China during the quorum.

Expressing his aggression regarding neighboring Pakistan, the defence minister Aron Jaitley said that India could deal with Pakistan with a high hand.

According to a report of Indian newspaper ‘Times of India’, the session held in Wardam presided by Narendra Modi.


Besides disputes on borders, several important matters, including threats made by a wing of Al-Qaida and the probable danger of Daish were discussed in the session.

The reports said that the Indian defence minister Aron Jaitley had warned Pakistan and declared that India won’t ignore any aggression across the border. Terming Pakistan as ‘Global puzzle, he stated that Pakistan was in a fix and it neighboring India.

“It’s a pity for India that it neighboring a troubled country,” Jaitley said.

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  1. Terrorists in India government sickk

  2. Now Pakistan’s Status has been dropped to a dog? Talk of improving relations.

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