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Berlin to have world’s first ever church-mosque-synagogue building


BERLIN: An ancient-times built church annihilated during World War II is to be reconstructed in a dimension of three-in once carrying church-mosque-synagogue, called the House of One.


Although the property of the building belongs to the church, authorities wish to erect sacred spaces for Muslims, Christians, and Jews inside it.

“They had to face the question of what do we do with this ground, and what do we want to give back to the city – what do we need in this time?” says Frithjof Timm, a theological speaker for the House of One.

As stated Timm, the concept behind constructing such building was simply to bring the people of the area in one place regardless their beliefs.


He also stated that House of One would serve a symbol of what Berlin is currently growing Jewish population in the world.

On the other hand, as far the design of the building is concerned, everyone would step inside it through the same front door and while there is a central common space; however, three equal sized spaces with different shapes will be built for each religion.

The organization had started gathering funds last year and have collected about one million, which is barely three percent of the total estimated expenditure of the project.

Further, Timm said that it is expected the project would shine out in the world and this will go out to the world and be a sign to bring more peace among people.

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