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Ayatollah Sistani wants a unanimous PM by all leaders till Tuesday


Friday’s call of the most influential spiritual leader and the top Shia scholar in Iraq, to all leaders of the country for choosing an agreed Prime Minister within the next four days, may bring a full stop to Nouri Al-Maliki’s eight year rule. Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, whose dominion over the Shia within and around Iraq has been apparent, urged all political stakeholders to develop census on the next prime minister, parliament speaker and president before the parliament session on Tuesday.
The move by Iraqi cleric, pulled Maliki’s statute into the danger to be thrown away as caretaker chief executive of the country which he was enjoying since parliamentary election in April. Now, either he has to combine his alliance for the continuity of his power third time as prime minister or silently quit. Sistani’s word have been sent to all leaders after a meeting for to chose a prime minister with consensus brought no result. All key players within country are in line to form a powerful government as quick as possible to combat the insurgency led by the Islamic militants of ISIS controlling a large area of the country. Earlier to Sistani, US and other countries were also insisting Maliki to talk to all regional leaders for the formation of next government.


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