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To assist Iraqi army, US troops arrive in Baghdad


The US troops were to support Iraqi military over combating a growing Sunni militant insurgency , have started reaching Baghdad and begun their duty, the Pentagon said. About 150 special operations US soldiers have joined their new responsibility in Baghdad. The US President Barak Obama, earlier promised to deploy 300 such soldiers, the remaining of which are expected to reach on the front lines of the battle within days. US Secretary of State John Kerry had already been in Iraq asking Kurds, government and other stack holder for a regional unity to kill the Sunni ISIS rebels who are controlling a large area in Iraq including the second largest city, Mosul. On Tuesday, two teams of 40 US troops started assessing Iraqi troops on the front line while 90 are in Baghdad to set up a new joint operations command centre, the Pentagon said. These teams will be joined by an additional four teams of 50 troops each in the next few days.


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