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Assaulted MLA Sheikh Abdul Rashid says BJP humiliation proved Jinnah’s Two Nation Theory right


SRINAGAR: Sheikh Abdul Rashid, an independent member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India, has said that BJP biased attitudes towards him over arranging a beef party proved that Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Two Nation Theory about Muslim and Hindu was right.


On October 8, 2015, independent India occupied Kashmir MLA from Baramulla constituency, was assaulted by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmakers in J&K assembly for arranging a beef party at October 7, 2015. A beef party was hosted by Mr. Rashid on the lawns of the MLA hostel where beef kebabs, meat balls and beef patties. On the occasion, Rashid went on saying, “Nobody on earth, no assembly, no court and no institution can stop us from having what we want to have.” However, he cleared that his intention was not to offend any community.2015_10$largeimg209_Oct_2015_000323027


Next day he was beaten up by the BJP lawmakers. However, he was rescued by the opposition members. Talking to the media, Mr. Rashid said that he was seated in assembly when he was attacked by the BJP lawmakers. “They dragged me on the floor by my legs and arms and climbed on my chest and started thrashing me,” said Rashid, who looked visibly nervous after the assault. “I would have been in grave by now had the opposition National Conference and Congress members and others not saved me. I am thankful to them for saving my life.”engineer-rashid1

At the end, Rashid said, “Why Jinnah made Pakistan, you (BJP) have proven him right today.”

 “I don’t expect any justice from this House or the government. They are both the criminals and the jury, so what can be expected of them. They had already planned it in advance,” Rashid said.

Later on, Rashid was detained with his supports for arranging a set-in at the entrance of the Assembly and accusing Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of deliberately sabotaging the anti-beef ban bill.CQyOWyKW8AAHLKA

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