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Anti-IS coalition worried due to role of Iran, says US General Dempsey


The US military’s top officer on Friday told that Iran was helping the firepower of Shia militias in Iraq, however, role of Tehran is unclear that whether it is obstruction or a help to the fight against IS group.


General Martin Dempsey was speaking to the reporters aboard his plane in route to his visit to Bahrain and Iraq. He also told that he would rise his concerns about the Iran’s influence in talks with Iraq’s leaders. It is just some days after Baghdad launched a operation to recapture Tikrit from IS.

Iran is helping IS , so that they have got hold over Tikrit.


Dempsey talking about the Tikrit operation said, “The Tikrit operation is only possible because of the air campaign we’ve been running around Baiji,” where IS has not got control of oil refineries.

“But I’m trying to get a sense for how our activities and their activities are complementary,” said US General, referring Iran’s support to the Shia militias.

He also told that we are alert from the challenges faced by us due to support of Iran to the Shia militias and Tehran’s influence had sparked concerns in the anti-IS coalition, which includes Sunni Arab that view Iran as a threat.

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