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Another quake hits Nepal today


KHATMANDU: Another series of quake on Tuesday left the inhabitants of Nepal paralyzed with shock and fear.


Not many days have passed and the rescue operations are have still been ongoing, Nepal faced another tremble of earthquake today. According to early reports, the magnitude was 7 at first that increased to 7.4 killing at least 59 and left 1,129 injured.

“The quake made the strong building I was in feel like jelly,” said a witness.

Nepal, which already recovering from devastation of previously hit quake, faced another blow that terrorised neighbourhood.


The quake, which struck 18km southeast of Kodari, near the base camp for Mt Everest, was measured at a shallow depth of about 18km. A series of aftershocks – including one 6.3 magnitude tremor – later hit in the same area, the USGS reported.

Two weeks earlier, Nepal had faced a horrified quake that claimed more than 8,000 lives along with leaving up to 17,800 people injured.

The fresh shocks not only increases the fear among people, but it also creates hurdles in rescue operation.

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