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Al-Jazeera banned for five days in India for showing wrong maps of Kashmir


NEW DELHI: Indian Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on direction of Indian Government took Al-Jazeera News Channel – a Qatari based broadcasting channel – off the air today (Wednesday) for five days because of continuously showing the wrong maps of disputed Kashmir.


Today Al-Jazeera’s transmission appeared on  Indian  TVs with a blue screen displaying the notice as:

“As instructed by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, this channel will not be available from 00:01 hrs on 22nd April 2015 till 00:01 on 27th April 2015.”

According to officials, the decision was taken earlier this month for showing the wrong maps of disputed Kashmir by Al-Jazeera News Channel. Al-Jazeera continuously showed some parts of the Himalayan Kashmir regions in both Pakistan and China that was extremely a sensitive issue for India.


“The ban has been imposed for five days and it was done on instructions of an inter-ministerial committee, who took cognisance of an incorrect map of India in which the channel showed parts of Kashmir in Pakistan and China,” said by official.

The Surveyor General of India said that “a portion of Indian territory has not been shown as a part of India in some of the maps while the territorial boundary of India is not shown with clarity and proper shape in another map. The channel also did not show Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands in some of the maps in 2013 and 2014.”

India has adopted a restrict policy regarding printed maps of Kashmir which shows the whole Kashmir as part of India.

Map of Kashmir shown by Al-Jazeera:


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  1. What about BBC&CNN both say Indian administered Kashmir and Pak administrated Kashmir.Ok another question.Do India really interested in reuniting Pak occupied
    Kashmir India repeatedly making some rhetoric abut this and Pakistan is sending terrorists into Indian administered Kashmir. Both the countries are making a drama out ot of this issue

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