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Air Strikes on ISIS by Syrian air jet – Nouri Maliki


Nouri Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, has confirmed that Syrian jets had bombed ISIS insurgents in their controlled region inside Iraq on Tuesday. Nouri Maliki said that Islamist militants of ISIS were bombed around the border town of Qaim by Syrian fighter jets.
Though Iraq did not ask for the air strikes but he “welcomed” any such strike against the separatist group. The Iraqi government is struggling to prevent the progress of the hardliners from the north and west, getting favors from Iran as the both regimes are spiritually bonded in same sect of Islam. The US is also supporting Maliki with stressing to strengthen Iraqi military to defeat the rebels on their own. Speaking to the BBC, Mr Maliki said Iraq had bought a number of used Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and Belarus. He said the aircraft could be flying missions in Iraq “within a few days”. The US, he added, kept delaying the sale of F-16 jets.


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