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After PM Nawaz, Imran Khan also for sale on Ebay but just for $13


Its around a day when an anonymous seller on Ebay posted “Useless Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif for sale”, and as per Newton’s Third Law of Motion ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’, we have got the reaction of it, as today the cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is put on sale at Ebay.


Although this is not the very first time happening on Ebay as earlier British Prime Minister was also put on sale by the culprits.

But this is happening very first time with the Pakistani politicians, as two of the prominent politicians of the country are being put on sale on this online shopping/buying platform.

Imran Khan on sale on Ebay

Imran Khan for sale

“Imran Khan (Fraud, liar, antidemocratic, conspiring, cheap & imaginary PM)” stated the post by the user rafiq-se2014.


The leader conditioned was told as ‘Like New’ with the ‘Seller Notes’ which reads, “Former cricketer and then turned liar, a big fraud, tout of establishment, fan of dictatorship, lying expert, 66 year old, married and divorced from rich wife, living in a home given by wife, failed conspirator of dictator, shameless, fraud.”

The further description given was as follows:

  • Lair, hypocryte, selfish but good fraud
  • Cosmetic Makeover and transplantation by Dr. Humayun Mohmand
  • Large Selection of Namaz Wallpapers
  • Fan of military dictatorship
  • Made of [email protected]
  • Redesigned to provide seamless integration with Agencies via JKT Module
  • Introducing Martial Law again in Pakistan
  • Flexible U-Turn module provide confirm escape from any situation
  • Multi-touch Finger feelings
  •  DJ Butt defaulter
  •  Sheikh Rasheed Rhetoric
  •  Angry Gran Run (Shireen Mazari)
  •  Jehangir Tareen Flight Partner
Currently, the highest bid made for PTI chairman is of US $13.05 and so far 7 bids are being made over the ad.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was put on sale

The seller posted ‘Useless Pakistani Pm Nawaz Sharif for Sale.’

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