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After 8 million slaps, slapaamir turns into kissaamir.com


The website was created especially to disregard Bollywood’s mega star Aamir Khan received massive response from the hatters; however, now it has turned into portal for Aamir’s lovers.


The action that was of slapping Aamir has become kissing Aamir to beat the figures of those who hit the face of one of the biggest celebrity of India.



Within almost one day, the website recorded more than 80 lacks slaps hit on Aamir’s face, the site turns itself into a gate for those who support or love Aamir. Now, you can kiss Mr Perfect of the Bollywood and show your solidarity with him.

Earlier, Shiv Sena had led a revolt against the one of the greatest of all time Bollywood actor in the wake of his stating that ‘India is intolerant country’. Aamir quoted his wife’s suggestion to leave the country.

Soon after his expressing such things, a sort of storm broke out inside the country and many condemned Aamir’s stance especially Hindu extremist group Shiv Sena. Later, Shiv Sena also announced to award one lack INR to the one who slaps Aamir Khan.

Although, Mr Khan had clarified his stance and view by updating his Facebook status and said that he loved his country and didn’t want to leave it, the extremists and those opposing him are not paying any heed to his clarifications.

You can visit the website here

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