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Afghan Ambassador summoned to protest over recent incidents


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan called the Afghan Ambassador to its Foreign Office on Thursday to stage a protest against the confinement of its Consulate General official at Afghanistan city of Kandhar.


The ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Ambassador of Afghanistan was summoned to the Foreign Office the previous evening and a demarche was made concerning imprisonment of an official of Pakistan Consulate General at Kandhar by Afghan administrators. He was taken away without his consent and put in detention.

A protest was also lodged with the Afghan Ambassador over the firing incidents in Angoor Adda.

Pakistan also expressed its reservations on the unprovoked firing by the Afghan Police at Angoor Adda gate where two security men sustained injuries.



Both of the sides reminded that such incidents should not have occurred in view of the brotherly ties between the two states. Afghan ambassador has assured that Pakistan’s apprehensions will be forwarded to higher level in Kabul.

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