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Aamir Khan, SRK, Dilip Kumar are snakes: Shiv Sena minister


Hindu extremist group Shiv Sena leader Maharashtra Environment Minister Ramdas termed Bollywood’s all time great stars Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and legendary Dilip Kumar as ‘snakes’.


The Shiv Sena senior leader compared Muslim India stars to snakes saying SRK, Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar were snakes because they were ‘ungrateful.’

“From Dilip Kumar to Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir, we gave every one of them a lot of love. However, the statements coming from them make us feel as if we have nurtured snakes,” said the Sena’s leader.

Shiv Sena leader’s statement comes days after Aamir Khan stated in an interview that there is intolerance in India quoting his wife’s suggestion ‘we should leave India’.


However, after lots of criticism, Mr Perfect come with a clarification and updated his Facebook status, saying: “I, nor my wife leaving the country and that I love it.”

Aamir maintains that his interview was distorted and he also expressed couple of unique features of India, praising his country with a vow never to leave it.

Shiv Sena leader and Maharashtra Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam said that if superstar Aamir wished to leave India, then he should be headed to Pakistan.

“He was a celebrated actor till now. But now it seems that we handed over milk to a snake. If he doesn’t want to stay here, he can go to Pakistan”, he added.

Earlier, the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan had also termed India as an intolerant country during an interview following which he was also bashed by the Hindu extremist group.

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