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A Pakistani jailed 18 years for wife’s murder


A Pakistani-American, who murdered his wife in New York on refusing to cook him a goat supper, was convicted for 18 years to life in jail on Wednesday.


Noor Hussain, 75, was found guilty of second degree murder for killing Nazar in April 2011 when she was laying in bed in their Brooklyn apartment. It could be gathered  from the judgment of Judge Matthew D’Emic that though Hussain is eligible for parole after 18 years, but he seems to be expired while in jail due to his weakness and medical conditions.

District attorney Kenneth Thompson welcomed the hard punishment.

“This defendant viciously attacked his wife as she lay in bed, unable to defend herself,” he said. “Now the defendant has been held accountable for this brutal and cowardly act.” Thompson said Hussain “viciously” heat 66-year-old Nazar, his third wife, to death. The medical examiner’s office said she had been battered more than 20 times and died of a fatal brain hemorrhage.


Hussain himself admitted to hit her with a wooden stick upon making lentils rather than the goat dinner he asked. He firmed that she “disrespected” him by swearing and believed to entitled to “discipline” his wife of 21 years.

The photographs of Nazar’s swollen, bruised face, and of her body lying on a blood-stained bed next to a blood-soaked bedroom wall in the couple’s modest apartment were showed to the court during the trail.

Their neighbor Safida Khan told the court she heard the Hussains argue for years, and that she twice intervened. She also witnessed Nazar “crying and yelling” and her husband “cursing and shouting” on the bad day.

Hussain’s relatives said he moved to the United States more than 30 years ago in search of a better life and worked at a gas station.

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