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1,250 illegal’s arrested daily in Saudi Arabia: Officer


The police have been arresting 1,250 illegal immigrants daily on average in Makkah region as part of its latest crackdown on foreigners violating the country’s residency and labour laws, according to a senior police officer, arabnews reported.



Al-Suli said that Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Naif, second deputy premier and minister of interior, was following up on operations. Police officers would arrest all violators because they are affecting the country’s security.

The government views these workers as infiltrators, who must be penalized, Maj.Gen. Abdul Aziz bin Osman Al-Suli said at a press conference here.


On the other hand, the Passport Department has made arrangements with Saudi Arabian Airlines to deport more than 102,00- illegal workers, reported further said.

Dhaifallah bin Sattam Al-Houwaif , deputy director general of the Passport Department, said that over the past five months about  110,00 people have been imprisoned for breaking the country’s labour and residency laws. There were also 150,000 taken to the Shumaisi centre, he added.

Illegal immigrant hunt has been motivated due to the  uprising threat of  Islamic State occupying the area of Iraq and Syria.


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