World Senior Championship in October!

The International Federation of the Pads (FIP) announced yesterday that the second edition of the World Cup for adults in Badel 2020, which has been postponed due to the global health emergency, has a new date confirmedOctober 11-16, 2021 in Las Vegas. Magic is the most special event of the year for big players in a magical city like Las Vegas (USA). The event jointly organized by FIP Padel Society of America (USPA), in a shared commitment to ensure the sport continues to grow, will be the first global padel event based in the United States. Without a doubt, another essential step in the development of the international exchange.

Major events of 2021

Fip’s press release declares that “After the success of the first World Cup in this category, which was held in Malaga in 2018 at the Villa Paderna (Estepona) club, the USPA and FIP set themselves the goal of continuing to grow and present a good event for the big players from all over the world.

Badel World Junior Championships

The Confirmation of the FIFA World Cup ™ in PADEL II 2020 is added to that already confirmed in the junior and absolute categories, in the European Games and the American Games, completing the FCFA calendar of the richest in its history. We are confident that the state of health will allow us to hold these tournaments and to be open to the public who will take the required precautions, which indicates that Padel is a safe sport.“.
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