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The Journey and Stories of McLaren Drivers, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Two funny and prolific personalities: A couple that should be watched closely next season. Even off the track …

The new McLaren: Presentation – Video – data sheet

A new couple formed after Carlos Sainz moved to Ferrari: they are Lando Norris H Daniel Ricciardo The pilots from McLaren to Global 2021. The 21 years old British Its third season in the category, while 31 year old Australian Ready for his Woking debut after leaving Renault. They consider characters and their characters Abundance, We can say that it is without a doubt a duo that should be watched closely, even off the track, during the season they are starting March 28 in Bahrain.

So Norris beat Formula 1 fans

It was September 3, 2018, when it was announced that Lando Norris would join the McLaren team for the following season. The relationship with the team cemented over several months with the Bristol-born boy joining the Woking Youth Program. His indisputable talent, kindness, freshness and even his light way of trying Formula 1 is also amazing: despite all this, in only two seasons (now starting the third), he conquered Formula 1 fans.

The march and this record are torn by Hamilton

Like all of her classmates, she started karting. It was his father Adam, a fairly well-known businessman in the UK, who introduced him to motorsport. In 2010 he took 3rd place in the Super 1 National Comer Cadet Championship. Four years later he became the youngest CIK-FIA World Champion in the KF category. Here the record belonged to Lewis Hamilton.

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The victories that brought him to McLaren

at 2015 It won the MSA Formula Series Championships, and the following year, Formula Toyota, Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula Renault 2.0 NEC. In parallel, he was awarded the title of Driver of the Year at the Autosport Awards. at 2017, With Team Carlin Motorsport, making their debut in European formula 3. He makes the season his own and becomes the youngest European champion ever. Step into the world of McLaren, take some auditions and always close 2017 Behind Ferrari Vettel.

First appearance in Formula 1 and the “standard” podium in Austria

at 2019 Becomes a key player on McLaren alongside Sainz: his first season ends 49 points and eleventh place. Score increase and ranking improvement in 2020: 97 and 9th place. at Austria Grand PrixThanks to Hamilton’s penalty kick, he finished third and became the third youngest driver in world championship history to beat the first podium at the age of 20.

Ricardo, Formula 1 Factor

The “Moses RicardoIt is the expression most often used when Daniel places an arrow and outguns his opponents. It is a bit like ‘Del Piero’s goal’ or Beppe Merlo’s backhanded stroke. In short, a trademark, and when in good shape, impressed him powerfully in his races, But the problem of continuity, which he has not found in his wandering around the circus since his first appearance in 2011 with HRT, passes Red Bull to Reno. McLaren Ricardo tries to turn another page of a story that wanted him to be close to Ferrari in the past. The votes never materialized. Now is the time to put all the pieces together to show off all his skills and assert himself among the F1 World Championship guarantees.

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Seasons with Toro Rosso

In the first year with HRT, he was 2011It closes in 27th place with zero points, while in the second season it ranks 18th with 10 points. at 2013 He is 14 with 20 points.

History with Red Bull and Renault

Ricciardo’s story Red Bull start in 2014, From the artistic director’s choice Adrian Newey And team manager Chris Horner To the wing Sebastian VettelInstead of the citizen Mark Webber. He was immediately distinguished by his sympathy and exuberant character, while the debut left a bad taste in the mouth: in Australia, after finishing the race in second place, he was disqualified due to irregularities in the flow of fuel. But in Canada, the first victory arrived. In the five years of the Anglo-Austrian team, the best positions come 2014 Then in 2016: Third place in the final standings for the two tournaments. Within two years of Reno, he was injured ninth it’s a Fifth Place. Overall not an exciting two-year period, but where did they get there Two platforms: 3rd place both after Eifel GP and in Imola in 2020.

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