World Environment Day: A provocation from Australia

a’Technical installation to Educating the public about the dangers of plastic pollution It entails for the seas of the whole world: that is the idea behind the statue”a plastic pile of sh! t, 2023presented by Better Packaging Co. and displayed in Sydney, Australia on the famous Bondi Beach. The installation is 4m high, made of recycled plastic and is Designed to resemble human feces as closely as possible. And the protest takes on a greater resonance with World Environment Day on June 5th.

Plastic pollution in the sea

there Curious installation, which has certainly caught the attention of the many people who pass through Bondi Beach every day, raising attention on a particularly sensitive issue in Australia. In fact, a research conducted a few years ago showed just that Huge amounts of microplastics are found on Sydney’s beaches and rivers, with a size of less than 5 millimeters: an enormous danger not only to the health of the marine ecosystem, but also to the health of humans. in some areas The concentration of microplastics has reached 1,000 units per square meter.

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