“World Cup vs Paris Saint-Germain”. Responsibilities of Qatargate and Sarkozy

He continued to keep Scandal on the bench Qatargate. On the eve of the World Cup, which will see France and Argentina compete for the trophy, shadows appear over the Elysee and over the bleak relations between Paris and the Principality. Especially in the time of Nicolas Sarkozy, who was sentenced in September 2021 to one year in prison without parole for “illicit financing.” As reported by Massimo Nava on Corriere della SeraQatar in France, in particular, laid the foundations for a large-scale penetration in the world of finance, business, real estate, hotels, military requests, and sports. Doha won the World Cup mission most likely thanks to ties with former President Nicolas Sarkozy. thus.

Le Monde investigation

In an article published November 14, Le Monde Remember howOn December 11, 2012, in his first speech after the defeat in the presidential elections to François Hollande, Sarkozy appeared on the platform of the Doha Goals, a sports forum funded by the Qatar National Bank and organized by businessman Richard Attias, boasting that he had supported the emirate’s candidacy. A decade after that speech, it’s Nicolas Sarkozy’s turn – who didn’t answer questions Le Monde – At the heart of the suspicions of the French judiciary, within the framework of the judicial investigation opened by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) in 2019 “Positive and negative corruption“,”Recycling” And the “RecipeConcerning the controversial award (14 votes to 8 for the United States) of World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

At this stage of the investigation, the French newspaper confirms, the former President of the Republic was not heard by Judges Serge Tournier, who had previously been charged in the Pygmalion case, and Virginie Telemont. However, many elements of the criminal case related to this giant country’s pressure process will prove the former president’s involvement in promoting the assignment of the World Cup to Doha, an emirate with which the former president also established close relations.

That’s lunch at the Elysee

The investigators’ eyes are focused At the now famous lunch at the Elysee on November 23, 2010, three weeks before a FIFA vote approved the waiver of the competition for the principality. President Sarkozy invited the future Crown Prince and Emir of Qatar to his table Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, UEFA President Michel Platini (who received four votes in the FIFA Executive Committee), Sebastien Bazin, a well-known businessman and then president of Paris Saint-Germain. The suspicion is that Paris exchanged support for Doha in exchange for the emirate’s takeover of the club. According to former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, Platini later admitted to him that he should have voted for Doha. Six months after that lunch, Qatar acquired the Parisian club, investing millions of euros to make it one of the strongest teams in the world with amazing salaries and investments. Coincidence? This is what the judges will have to highlight.

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