World Cup: Southgate, England v Wales rivalry – Soccer

(Repetition with corrected text in second line) (ANSA) – Rome, November 28 – “What does the rivalry between England and Wales mean (rpt Wales)? They are there and we are here (gesturing). Between any two neighboring countries. Between us there is always a rivalry and a competitive spirit.” . Gareth Southgate, coach of the Three Lions who will face Bale and his companions tomorrow, responds to those who ask him, not a British correspondent, to describe the feelings that divide, or perhaps unite, England and Wales, both of which are part of the United Kingdom. “Even at a sporting level, there is a lot of competition – continues the English coach -. That’s right, I’m from Yorkshire and I can say that there is the same about the rest of England.

Anyway, tomorrow there will be a great atmosphere on the field and I can’t wait.” Everyone said he had ankle problems, but it was his foot.

I think he’s available, and in a tournament like the World Cup there’s no point in having so many transitions. Fortunately, I have 26 professionals on my team who understand certain things, even if I know there will be someone who will feel bad if they stay out.”


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