World Cup Live | Today’s matches: Japan – Costa Rica 0-0

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Live broadcast of the Qatar World Cup 2022, with all matches, news, formations on the field, and the champions

11:00 – Japan and Costa Rica started

Kick-off between Japan and Costa Rica (former Inter full-back Yuki Nagatomo is also on the field), the first match of the second day of Group E. The Japanese team came back from the upset win of 2-1 against Germany, while the Central American formation was outclassed by Spain 7-0.

10:27 a.m. – Official lineups for Japan and Costa Rica

Japan (4-2-3-1): Gonda. Yamane, Yoshida, Itakura, Nagatomo; Morita, Endo; doan, kamada, soma; Ueda. Coach Moriyasu
Costa Rica (4-4-2): Navas. Manly, Calvo, Duarte, Oviedo; Fuller, Tejeda; Borges, Torres; Campbell, Contreras. Coach Suarez
Rule: Oliver (England)
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09:21 am – Queiroz very difficult with Klismann: We expect your resignation

You took the initiative to call me Carlos, so I think it’s right to call you Jurgen. the correct?. Thus begins the long post on Instagram in which Carlos Queiroz, coach of Iran, responds to Jurgen Klismann (US coach from 2011 to 2016), referring to the Iranian players who, according to him, worked and laid. Pressing the referee during the match against Wales, he said that this is their culture.
Although you do not know me personally, – continued the coach of Iran, – you question my character with a biased model judgment of superiority. No matter how much I respect what you did on the field, those comments are about Iranian cultureThe Iranian national team and my players are a disgrace to football. No one can harm our integrity except by our level of course. Despite your words, we would like to invite you as our guest, to come to our national team camp, chat with the players of Iran and discover with them the country, the people of Iran, the poets and the art, the algebra and all the millennia of Persian culture…and also hear from our players how much they love football and their respect for her. As an American/German we understand your lack of support. Not a problem. And despite your outrageous comments to the BBC that seek to undermine our efforts, sacrifices and capabilities, we promise you that we will not judge your culture, roots and background and that you will always be welcome to join our family. At the same time, we just want to closely follow FIFA’s decision regarding your position as a member of the Qatar 2022 Technical Study Group. Because, of course, we expect you to quit before visiting our sports center. Carlos.

08:23 – The American football team appeared on social media the Iranian flag without the symbol of the Islamic Republic

The selection of the US men’s soccer team is controversial, as it has begun displaying the Iranian national flag on its social media without the Islamic Republic’s crest, while protests continue across the country against Tehran’s theocratic government within the Middle Eastern country. Twitter account The US men’s team displayed a banner with the team’s group stage matches, with the Iranian flag in green, white, and red only. The same can be seen in a post on his Facebook and Instagram accounts reporting the points scored so far in his group.

07:45 – Messi, Argentina and Maradona: a new D10S is born

(Ariana Ravelli, posted to Doha) Killian, who scored two goals against Denmark, is already taking the place of the king in the Qatari PSG, and at the age of 24 he has already won his first World Cup. In the banners dotted on the grounds in front of Lusail Stadium, the improvised little secular altars, in the T-shirts around Doha worn by real and fake fans, the face that emerges is Diego’s. The new has already arrived, the past cannot pass away. Leo stays in the middle, lonely in his size, small in the greatness of Lucille’s court.

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07:43 AM – Theo Hernandez and Lucas Hernandez, the truth about their father who disappeared in 2004

(Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Doha) Lucas Hernandez’s World Cup lasted ten minutes due to a cruciate fracture in the first match against Australia: the French left wing gave way to his brother Milan Theo, and in those hours, he faced more dangerous than the many injuries that tormented him, think of Quit Smoking. But Amy Lawrence made him think, obviously not only because the salary at Bayern until 2024 is 250,000 euros per week.

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07:42am – Baffling: Messi is inventing, but nobody is on Mbappe’s level

(Mario Sconcerti) It wasn’t a good match, but an exciting one. Neither of them seemed to want to play better than the other, both of them were afraid of losing. But this at least led to a high competitive spirit. It cannot be said that Argentina recovered, but it fought a lot. Mexico attacked more, but it wasn’t a striker’s match. There were no spaces. Maybe there weren’t even mutants. A feat was needed, it came from Messiaccording to legend.

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07:39 – Qatar, World Cup of Politics

(Ariana Ravelli, posted to Doha) In this case, the question arises automatically: are we the ones who have changed, who are not busy discussing the choices of the blue coach on duty, who do not have to focus on the dilemma if he plays Raspadori or static And so we have a lot of free time to look around? Or an inevitable consequence of the option to bring the World Cup to Qatar and perhaps even a sign of the times, given that movement The Black Lives Matter movement – To give just one example – have you really been into circles and fields and squares for some time? In short, is this the most political World Cup ever? in which the ball is dribbled and pushed aside to make room for the colossal problems every effort is made to avoid?

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