World Cup 2022 Usagek Skate: Bakossi / Rossetti in the gold final against Great Britain, outside Italy 2

The two Italian bowlers have reached the World Championship final in the mixed pairs test and will soon face the British pair Hill/Llewellin. Among the other blues are Di Marziantonio/Sdruccioli.

Excellent Italy, the champions of the World Skeet Championships to be held in Osijek (Croatia), wants to conclude this world championship strong. The mixed pair consisting of Diana Bakossi and Gabriel Rossetti will play for the gold medal with the English pair consisting of Amber Hill and Ben Llewellyn.

The two blue players (origins from Citta della Pife and Florence respectively), registered respectively to the sports groups of the Army and Viam Oro, hit the final of the most precious metal with a score of 146/150 (score of 73/75 for both), in front of the pair from the United Kingdom formed by Amber Hill and Ben Llewellin, who finished with 145/150 over Kazakhstan only in shut him up

With the final coming soon (from 16 onwards, the final block will start with a bronze medal final, and after that, one for gold), the 39-year-old Umbrian can wear her second personal gold around her neck, after wearing it for the individual with a lot of Olympic passes ( Which has been cut automatically even in mixed pairs since, at the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, it will be part of the Olympic program).

Another opportunity, to further enrich the medal table and look with confidence at the growth path towards the Games, where at the moment, after accounting for all the world competitions and related tests that are also part of the Olympic program, Italy will already have 14 gold in the drop medals table.

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A drop that would be unusual – except for the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes due to the well-known events in Ukraine – which can only be confirmed by the final match that will take place soon, in which our brigade-bearers will try to beat the finest metal.

However, there was nothing that could be done for the second blue formation. The pair formed by Elia Sedroccioli and Chiara di Marziantonio, in fact, were eliminated with a score of 142/150, to finish their World Championship event in eighth place in this Test.

Therefore, soon it will be known what color the metal of the Bel Paese couple is and whether there are conditions for our blues to enter into legend, or, at most, to be content with silver, which, in any case, it would not be at all to throw.

Soon, the laborious sentence will be completed.

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