World Cup 2022, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, African women: Is it a revolution in Qatar?

Some exciting surprises. And the results describe the beginning of a revolution in the geography of football. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is currently a show where emerging realities and countries with less footballing traditions shine. All continents are represented in the round of 16, and Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Morocco and Senegal also vie for a place in history. The results of the first knockout round will determine whether there is still room for recovery or whether the globalization of football has definitively affected the traditional balance.

Eve predictions are still in the side of the European national teams and two South American battleships, Argentina and Brazil. The Netherlands against the United States, the national team of Albiceleste against Australia, France against Poland in one of the two European derby matches, England against Senegal, Croatia against Japan, Brazil against South Korea, Spain against Morocco, the other Old Continent derby. Portugal vs Switzerland. The crossings seem to have been made on purpose to mark the depth of the change.

Statistics say that everything will hardly be black or white, but there are some sentences that really do indicate a major transition. Italy at home, for the second consecutive World Cup, was already an inevitable first fact. Elimination in the first round of four-time world champions Germany and Belgium, who have been at the top of European football for the past 10 years, add substance to the crisis in at least one part of football.

Now it is up to those who remain, France, Spain, England, Argentina and Brazil above all else, to determine whether the revolution is once and for all complete or whether world football is still, even with less power, ruled by the masters of all time.

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