World Cup-1: debut tomorrow with Canada

LUBIANA (Slovenia) – A day’s eve at Azzurri’s house with the De Giorgi boys awaiting their debut tomorrow at 9.15pm against Canada (Live on Rai 2 TV and SKY SPORT Arena), they will be holding their usual practice session at a secondary court this afternoon.
Expectations are therefore growing for the match against North America that will mark the start of the Men’s National Team World Championship and present itself at the starting line as European champions.
The World Cup is expected to be uncertain and complicated, but in the blue group we are working calmly and with the knowledge that it will be important to start on the right foot.

Discussion given by Gianluca Galassi-

There is a little bit of emotion and tension due to the fact that this is the first world championship for many of us, but our tournaments are positive tension because we want to play, we try to go as far as we can, so we live very well that wait. We are here more consciously than we were in recent Europe, we have more matches in our legs and in our heads, so we always need a little more experience than in the World Cup; Under these circumstances, we will do our best. The fact that there are so many at first in my opinion can be an added value, but if it is handled in the right way because we will have a great desire to do so, it will be important to direct all our energies properly, taking care to manage the emotions and sensations that we are not experiencing. We never lived it.”

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Then Galassi goes on to talk about the first part of the season:

“VNL was definitely positive, we were able to reach the finals as first in the general classification even though we qualified by right as the host country, then in Cuneo we faced two very strong teams and overall we measured ourselves against the high level which allowed us a lot of opponents With understanding many things. Here the formula does not allow us to do the calculations, every game has a lot of value, so we just have to think about game by game to try to win, and then wait for the next stage match.”

Finally, the Blue Center concludes by talking about the teams in the group:

“It is possible that they are not top-class opponents but that is not the correct interpretation, they are excellent teams that play volleyball well so they have to face maximum concentration and humility. We just have to think about our game to try to get as far forward as possible.”

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