World Athletics Championships 2022, today’s results: Bronze Valortegara in the high jump final

Elena Vallortegara wins Italy’s first medal at the Eugene World Championships. Blue is bronze in the last high jump, thanks to which 2.00m is also worthy of his seasonal record. The World Cup is live on Sky Sport Arena and is being streamed now. On, the daily programme, results, videos, highlights and interviews

is unusual Elena Valortegara defeats The first Italian medal to me Eugene World Cup. Blue is considered bronze in the women’s high jump final. Elena concludes with her seasonal record, surpassing A 2.00 meters, After passing the race in the lead up to six good jumps in a row. On the other hand, the three attempts failed at 2.02 that would have allowed her to play for gold with Australian Patterson and Ukrainian Mahocic. After the sixth place in the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, this is First World Champion Medal Career for the 31-year-old Italian.

Profile of Elena Vallortigara

he is One of the blue jumpers who has exceeded two meters (2.02) in her career above. She started doing swimming and artistic gymnastics, but then preferred to do outdoor sports and switched to athletics very early, at the age of eight, also because she lived near the Olympic training center in Skew. Daughter of a former volleyball player who played until the A2 First Division, while her sister dedicated herself to basketball, Elena had immediately noticeable results in the high jump: the seasonal under-16 world leaders in 2006 with 1.85 still an MPN student. In 2007, despite a knee injury, in two weeks he won a race Bronze at the World Championships and Gold at Eyof. Until the spring of 2008, she trained with Erica Cela, then was followed by the former Blue Sevens, Silvia Dalla Piana. In 2010 among the rookies, he also won three colors in multiple tests (indoor pentathlon) and equaled the Italian class record with a jump of 1.90, then a world under-20 bronze and another lead of 1.91 on the day of his absolute national team debut, at the DécaNation in Annecy. In 2011, a series of ankle sprains and the subsequent operation, in July, but also back problems, changing the training site several times: Modena, Rieti and Rimini, before arriving in Siena in October 2016 under the technical supervision of Stefano Giardi. In the 2017 indoor season she returned to 1.87 and won the Italian flag. The loophole in 2018 with a series of improvements from outdoor debut to 1.94 and above At the London meeting where he kicked off at 2.02, the second Italian ever. In 2021 it’s back to 1.96 outdoors and in 2022 it jumped 1.98 to absolute. Passionate about languages ​​and nature-loving, she graduated from Linguistic High School, and graduated in Psychological Sciences and Techniques.

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World Cup on the sky

On Sky and live on NOW, the date is July 15th with the World Athletics Championships taking place in the United States, in Eugene, Oregon. The 18th edition is scheduled to run from 15 to 24 July, and the races will be broadcast live on two channels, Sky Sport UNO and Sky Sport Arena, and broadcast on NOW. On Sky, extensive and wide coverage, from live broadcasts of the races, live especially in the evening and night hours (it also follows thanks to replays the next day), to the many in-depth spaces on air from early morning. Every day at 7.30am, an appointment on Sky Sport 24 with the “Highlights Show – Athletics World Championships”, a summary of all the competitions played during the night. And at 2.00pm, 6.15pm and 0.15pm a date with “Estate Azzurra – World Athletics Championships,” a space set up by Federica Frola and Alessandro Acton, with Giovanni Bruno in the studio.

On news, insights and highlights

More information can also be found on, with the full schedule of races, results, videos, highlights, interviews and comments from Sky Sport commentators and columnists, stories, curiosities and the best of every day from the competitions.

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