Working in Australia, how much can you allocate?

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May 30, 2023, 4.03 p.m

Change your life, perhaps for a limited period of time, by going to Work in Australia. Why not? It is a country that offers many possibilities and seems to be earning really well.

After the strict restrictions during Covid, which closed the nation’s borders, the Kangaroo Land is now back to welcome those who wish to visit it also for business reasons. But how much can you set aside? A video of a Spanish girl posted on TikTok is going viral on the web.

The power of social media

Now everything related to our daily life ends social It can spread widely. Just find a topic that netizens are curious about. The video posted by the Spanish tiktoker was so viral on the internet, that one wonders if she earned more through social media or with her real life experience in Australia. However, the girl seems to have made a really nice nest egg by staying 8 months in Kangaroo Land. This is why it has attracted the attention of the general public. After all, now there are so many of them young man who go to Australia for work.

In fact, there are tens of thousands of Europeans every year.

to request exhaustion It is really very high. But is it really worth moving there, maybe for a few months? Judging by the video, the answer is absolutely not. However, the strict immigration rules are offset by the fact that the country has a very strong economy, very low unemployment rate and a high quality of life. Indeed, in the past ten years, many Italians have gone to Australia to work on farms or in other sectors of the economy. However, this does not mean that it can really be brushed aside a lot of money. In short, the question everyone is asking is: is the game worth the candle? In other words, how much do you earn?

Work in Australia response from the Spanish girl

there tiktoker Therefore, those concerned decided to answer this question and posted a video clip on the well-known social network Tik Tok.

“Okay guys! It’s time to answer the million euro question: How much money have I saved in these eight months in Australia? I’m not saying anything, I’m not making any statements of any kind. I leave you the balance of my bank account. I leave the mathematical conclusions to you “.

And with that caption, he takes a screenshot of his bank account. And do you know what’s in there? 170 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 104 euros. What is this joke? Unfortunately no. We approached the topic thinking that the girl would leave us all silent by showing a bank account with several thousand euros for just 8 months of work. Instead, there are only 100 euros left in his account. At this point, the question arises: is it reasonable to change your life and go to the other side of the world in order to earn so little? We can also do well in Italy with hunger, we can conclude.

In fact, we do not know what kind of work the girl does, nor how much she spends a month on “various whims”, that is, deducting rent, food and bills.

On the comments, there are those who respond with their own experience, in which they claim that they have already set aside $ 20,000 for 12 months of work in Australia. In short, the doubt Still, but the scary Spanish girl experience is an example.

A summary of the above…

  • a Spanish girl posts a blog revealing how much she earned working in Australia;
  • The photo shows that he saved only €104 in 8 months;
  • The video goes viral, but it strongly discourages those who intend to move to kangaroo land to try their luck.

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