Workers at the Amazon plant in Alabama voted against the formation of the first US corporation

Amazon Factory employees in Bismere, Alabama (USA), Voted against Formation of a trade union: The results of the voting, which have been completed for more than a week, were highly predictable because if the majority of voters voted in favor, Bessemer would It will be the first Amazon manufacturer in the United States You have a union to defend your employees. On Friday morning, with more than 3,215 ballot papers counted, it emerged that more than 1,400 employees voted against forming a union, and nearly 600 in favor of it.

The Bessemer Factory was the first in the United States where employees took a vote to found a union. Amazon, which has always been against forming a union among its employees, has vehemently opposed and tried in various ways to disrupt the campaign of supporters: for example Wallpapering Toilets and common areas designated for employees with posters containing misleading information, and several mandatory meetings to persuade employees to vote against the establishment of the union.

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Association (RWDSU), the association that promoted the vote, announced that it would appeal against the voting results, due to Amazon’s behavior in persuading employees to vote against it.

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