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Indeed, The Daily Telegraph published letters in which Matt Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs, discussed with ministers the possibility of Work hard with the police. towards citizens during the lockdown.

These messages will help the Covid investigation assess how and why decisions were made at the height of the virus crisis. They will also be an invaluable resource for future historians.

Matt Hancock said:It burdens the police
A worried Hancock told Cabinet Secretary Simon Case that the police needed to get the mandatory lockdown restrictions under control.

Matt Hancock will serve as UK Secretary of Health until June 2021.

In England, the inquiry commission charged with assessing the management of Covid went over the spread of thousands of WhatsApp messages that directly included Boris Johnson and his health secretary, Matt Hancock.

Dubbed by the Daily Telegraph, the newspaper responsible for revealing the revelations, the “Lockdown Files” reveal thousands of letters exchanged at the time of the pandemic, showing how public health decisions affecting millions of Britons were made.

Hancock said the leaks were “biased” and depicted a “biased account”, and could not be considered the final say.

Hancock’s team accuses The Telegraph of “biased agenda-motivated leaking of confidential documents” and says the place to consider all this is in the official COVID inquiry.

Telegraph investigation: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/lockdown-files/.

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