Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Italy and China Open Quarter Final Program: Scoreboard

will still be there China On the roadItalvolley women The 2022 World Cup is in progress between the Netherlands and Poland. The first two “infinite” phases are exhausted, with nine matches played in 16 days, and the tournament finally comes alive with a start Knockout Theater.

Women’s Volleyball World Cup, knockout stage scoreboard: China’s obstacle to Italy’s quarter-finals

So after the rest day on Monday 10 October, the 8 remaining Magnifica in the race will face each other in the quarter-finals of the program Tuesday 11 between Apeldoorn, In the Netherlands, e glivis, in Poland. The geographical division of matches followed in the first two phases of the group, with the formations that were part of Groups A and D in the first stage and Group E of the second in the Netherlands and other teams remaining on Polish soil.

The first match in chronological order will be exactly that of Italy at 17 He will face China in Apeldoorn, the last team he faces in the group stage, on Saturday October 8, losing 3-0, with partial matches 26-24, 25-16, 25-20.

This is the The complete program for the final stagewith the virtual tennis scoreboard:


  • Italy – China October 11, 5 p.m. (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
  • Brazil-Japan October 11, 8pm (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
  • US – Turkey October 11, 5:30 p.m. (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Serbia-Poland October 11, 8:30 p.m. (Gliwice, Poland)

semi final:

  • Winner of the USA-Turkey match Winner of the Serbia-Poland match October 12, 20.30 (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Winner of Italy-China-Brazil match Winner-Japan on October 13, 20.00 (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
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  • 3rd and 4th places: October 15 – 4 pm (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
  • 1st & 2nd place: October 15 at 8pm (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

Women’s Volleyball World Cup, the certainty of Italy and the new China tournament

As is already known, even in the semi-finals, the teams that were part of the same group in the second stage will face each other, which is an organizational method aimed at preventing cross-over to the final semi-final of the strongest national teams, or on the other hand the world champions responsible for Serbia And the Olympic champions in United State On the other hand, Italy is the European champion and the Nations League. No matter how true this is to some extent, Italy will first of all have to think about overcoming the hurdle of China, and then perhaps in the semi-finals between Brazil and Japan.. All the opponents Igono and her comrades know very well, and if only from a technical point of view the South Americans, not only in the 3-1 match that was cut to the Azzurre at the beginning of the second stage, seem to be able to create some problems for the Italians, it would be better to take Beware of the quality of the new China, under reconstruction after the end of the historical cycleCan Lang Bingwhich culminated with the conquestOlympic gold In the 2016.

After all, the same selection of the Federation to assign the role of coach Tsai Ben, who takes pride in her ten-year career in the national youth teams which preceded her first national team experience in 2009 and thus her debut as a club technician in the Chinese Women’s Super League, hides a desire to promote youth. People in the group, such as the player Li YingyingTo combine them with the already well-established talents, from the corresponding Gong Xiangyu to the other hitter Wang Yun. Nothing is insurmountable for Italy today, only that the Chinese girls lack international experience, all fighting at home, but the last match of the group stage already highlighted China’s attacking qualities.

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Italy will have to remain at excellent defensive levels and then rely on the offensive skills of one of them Paula Iguno Constantly growing, but also Anna Dancy, is now a sure thing all over the world, not to forget the eclecticism of Katrina Bossetti, the main player in all the basics. There is a fear of circumstances Christina Chirichella, is at rest against the Chinese due to a small muscular problem, but the heart of Napoli in the match should be like Alicia Oro, alternating the output in the last match with Ophelia Malinov. In any case, both the latter and the alternatives, Marina Lupien and Elena Petrini, not forgetting Silvia Noakalore, give enough guarantees for a group that can actually count on 12 owners.

Women’s volleyball, Italy and China: precedents

The precedents between Italy and China in women’s volleyball fill the history of the latest competitions. even in Two recent editions of the World CupIn fact, the two teams faced each other twice, in the first stage and then in the knockout stage. historical in 2018 Azzurri confirmed 3-2 in the first half Semi-finals in Yokohama, which followed the 3-1 success in the group stage match in Sapporo. On the other hand, the result of 2014, When at the World Cup in Italy, coach Bonita’s girls were outperforming Bari 3-1 in the group stage only to end with the same score in the semi-finals played less than a week later in Assago . Forum. However, the saddest thing is, and not only because it is close to time, the memory of the previous AI Tokyo Gameswhen China, now at the end of their cycle and already eliminated, gave Italy a sharp and unexpected 3-0 lead in the penultimate match of the group stage, a match that marked the beginning of the blackout on the Blue that then succumbed to the United States before collapsing in quarters from Serbia.

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