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The second day of The 16th edition of DP World – The World Championships for the game, an event organized by the International Padel Federation in cooperation with UAEPA, Padel Federation of the United Arab Emirates. Until today they took the field Two teams and Italian passions were definitely not missing. Let’s find out in detail everything that happened.

Women’s Championship

Women’s Italy beat Mexico 3-0 and snatched the pass to the quarter-finals before a match. In the first match today Carolina Petrelli and Emily Stellato They gracefully defeated Natalia Blanco and Emma Reyes 6-1, 6-3. Then they took the field Carolina Orsi and Valentina Tommasi: The Blues proved to be clearly superior to Adriana Canepa and Michel Rollin 6-2, 6-0. Victory already won Giorgia Marchetti and Chiara Papacina They beat Ana Maria Cabrigas and Ana Paula de la Pena 6-1, 6-2, giving Italy 3-0. Tomorrow the team is training Marcella Ferrari The first place in Group B (a very important position since second place in the group will then face the very dangerous Spain team in the quarter-finals) will be played by the fearsome Portugal, who beat the Netherlands 3-0 today.

Today’s results

Group A
Spain – Germany 3-0
United States – Chile 2-1

classification: Spain 6, Germany 3, USA 3, Chile 0

group b
Argentina 3-0 Belgium
Uruguay 2-1 Japan

classification: Argentina 6, Belgium 3, Uruguay 3, Japan 0

group C
Italia – Mexico 3-0 (C. Petrelli / E Stellato – In Blanco / E. Reyes 6-1 6-3, Orsi / F. Tomasi – a. Canepa / m. Roland 6-2 6-0, Marchetti / C. Babacina – AM Cabrigas / ABD La Pena 6-1 6-2)
Portugal 3-0 Netherlands

classification: Italy 6, Portugal 6, Mexico 0, the Netherlands 0

group d
Sweden – United Arab Emirates 3-0
Brazil 3-0 Paraguay
France 2-1 Brazil
Sweden 3-0 Paraguay

classification: Sweden 9, Brazil 3, France 3, Paraguay 3, United Arab Emirates

Men’s Championship

Nothing to do for the men’s team, which went out 3-0 and lost to very strong Argentina. On the couple’s first day meeting Simon Cremona / Marco Cassetta He lost to Martin De Nino and Agustin Tapia 6-4, 6-2. Then they entered the field Giulio Graziotti and Riccardo Sinnicrobi, which was defeated 6-3 6-2 by Fernando Bellastaguín and Federico Chinguto. Finally, Sanyo Gutierrez and Juan Tello won Daniel Cattaneo and Lorenzo Di Giovanni Against 6-3, 6-4, she won the final point 3-0. Tomorrow the team led by Miguel Sciorelli They will compete with Belgium (today 3-0 against the Netherlands) to advance to the quarter-finals.

Today’s results

Group A
Spain 3-0 Portugal
Uruguay – Great Britain 2-1

classification: Spain 6, Portugal 3, Uruguay 3, Great Britain 0

group b
Argentina – Italia 3-0 (A Tapia / MD Nino – Cremona / m. cassette 6-4 6-2, F. Belasteguin / F. Shingoto – Graziotti / R. sinecrop 6-3 6-2, C. Gutierrez / J. Tello – Cattaneo / L. Giovanni 6-3 6-4)
Belgium – Netherlands 3-0

classification: Argentina 6, Belgium 3, Italia 3, Netherlands 0

group C
Chile – UAE 3-0
Brazil 3-0 Ecuador

classification: Brazil 6, Chile 6, United Arab Emirates 0, Ecuador

group d
France 3-0 Egypt
Mexico 3-0 Qatar
Egypt 2-1 Qatar
Paraguay – Mexico 3-0

classification: France 6, Paraguay 6, Mexico 3, Egypt 3, Qatar 0

Photo: worldpadeltour.com

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