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Another day of The sixteenth edition of DP World – World Championships for the game, an event organized by the International Padel Federation in cooperation with UAEPA, Padel Federation of the United Arab Emirates. Today they took the field Both Italian teams will play their last game in the group stage: Let’s find out in detail everything that happened.

Women’s Championship

Great day for Italy ladies. group led Marcella Ferrari (Already sure to qualify for the quarter-finals) Defeated dangerous Portugal 2-1 and finished first in Group C. In the first match of the day, Giorgia Marchetti and Chiara Papacina beat Sofia Araujo (19 in the world) and Helena Machado at the end of an emotional match that ended with a score of 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. Then Giulia Susarello and Roberta Vinci moved to Italy, who lost by surprise to Ana Catarina Nougera (36 in the world rankings) and Katia Rodriguez 6-4, 7-6 (5). The challenge then moved to the third and decisive match, with Carolina Orsi and Emily Stellato giving Italy 2-1 thanks to clear wins over Catarina Castro and Patricia Ribeiro 6-2 6-1. Thanks to this beautiful success, The blue girls avoided the match against the terrifying Spain (first in group A) to the quarter-finals and thus will challenge Germany to compete for a place in the semi-finals (In the penultimate chapter of the tournament there will be the winner of the match between Argentina and Brazil). Appointment for tomorrow at 11.00: Do not miss!

Today’s results

Group A
Spain 3-0 Chile
Germany – USA 2-1

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classification: Spain 9, Germany 6, USA 3, Chile 0

group b
Argentina 3-0 Japan
Belgium 3-0 Uruguay

classification: Argentina 9, Belgium 6, Uruguay 3, Japan 0

group C
Portugal 2-1 (G. Marchetti / C. Pappacena – s. Araujo / H. Machado 3-6 6-3 7-5, c. whispered / R. beat – AC Nogueira / K. Rodriguez 4-6 6-7, ORCI / E. starry – K. Astro / B. Ribeiro 6-2 6-1)
Holland 3-0 Mexico

classification: Italy 9, Portugal 6, Netherlands 3, Mexico 0

group d
France 3-0 Paraguay
Brazil-UAE 3-0
France-UAE 3-0
Brazil 2-1 Sweden

classification: Sweden 9, Brazil 9, France 9, Paraguay 3, United Arab Emirates

– Germany
Argentina – Brazil
Spain – Portugal
France – Belgium

Badel, World Cup 2022: Women’s Italy beat Mexico and traveled to the quarter-finals, the males lost to Argentina but remain in the race.

Men’s Championship

Nothing to do for the males who were defeated in the Belgium match (for 1-2) And so he had to say goodbye, not without regret, in the quarter-finals. The defeats in the first two matches today were decisive: in the first match Daniel Cattaneo And the Ricardo Sinnicrop They lost to Maxime Delaware and Laurent Montoisier 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, while losing in the second Dennis Perino And the Marcelo Capitani They lost to Clement Gaines and Jerome Peters 6-1, 6-2. The final victory of 7-6 (6) 7-5 is irrelevant Simon Cremona and Marco Cassetta Against Jeremy Gala and Alec Whitmore. From now on, Italy will only fight for ninth place. The The sons of Miguel Sciorelli will face Ecuador tomorrow and then, if they are successful, in the match between Uruguay and Mexico. (If the Azzurri lose, they will instead face the losing team to compete for eleventh place.)

Today’s results

Group A
Spain – Great Britain 3-0
Portugal 3-0 Uruguay

classification: Spain 9, Portugal 6, Uruguay 3, Great Britain 0

group b
Belgium – Italia 2-1 (M. Delaware / L. Montazoi – Cattaneo / R. sinecrop 4-6 6-1 6-4, C. Geens / J. Peters – M Capitani / Dr. Perino 6-1 6-2, c. Gala / A. Witmeur – Cremona / m. cassette 6-7 5-7
Argentina-Netherlands 3-0

classification: Argentina 9, Belgium 6, Italia 3, Netherlands 0

group C
Brazil 3-0 Chile
Ecuador – UAE 3-0

classification: Brazil 9, Chile 6, Ecuador 3, United Arab Emirates 0,

group d
France 3-0 Qatar
Paraguay – Egypt 3-0
France 2-1 Paraguay
Mexico 3-0 Egypt

classification: France 12, Paraguay 9, Mexico 6, Egypt 3, Qatar 0

Spain – Chile
Argentina – Paraguay
Brazil – Portugal
France – Belgium


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