Women’s European Championships, Poker Germany and Spain in the first appearance

London, UK) – there Germany He hits his first three points European Championship beating Denmark In the cartel match on the third day of the British event: the eight-time winners of the continental event (whose dominance was halted only by Holland in the latest edition) VP Champions League 4-0 on the first day group b. At 21′ of MajulBayern Munich midfielder, taking advantage of the huge mistake Pedersen In the defensive disengagement Christensen hit with a definite right, which gave the Germans the advantage. In the second half, the Juventus national team Jung Pedersen (owner of 90 minutes) and AC Milan player thregh (On the bench) suffered the second goal in the 56th minute, when he was on a corner kick schooler He takes advantage of a blank exit from Christensen and leads the second goal. . In the 73rd minute, the three-way referee was canceled for offside pbut at 78′ 3-0 still comes thanks latwin Make the most of a tower in Oberdorf and put it on the grid from a few steps. At 87 ‘comes a goal Bobwho sent an accurate cross from Le Mans to the far post and closes the match.

Germany-Denmark 4-0, match report and statistics

European Women’s Championship, group standings

Spain, winning for the first time: 4-1 against Finland

a trip Spainwho won at MK Dons Stadium 4-1 la Finland: But the Scandinavians are taking the lead thanks to the striker salestrom Signs 1-0 at 1′. Iberians (who appear in the event without From the golden potellas ball He was stopped by a cruciform injury.) At first, the results were equal with the Barcelona defender Paredes At 22 minutes, then he turned the match thanks to the other Blaugrana ponmati What a mockery of Korpela at 44′. At the age of 75 minutes, the national team led by Velda signs the trio thanks to GarciaAthletic Bilbao striker, and in the fifth minute of extra time he achieves the final 4-1 thanks to the penalty he scored. Caldente. In the ranks of the Northern European national team, 66 minutes on the pitch for the former Juventus defender Hyyrynen on the left wing.

Spain – Finland 4-1, match report and statistics

Women's European Championship, England won her debut

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Women’s European Championship, England won her debut

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