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Dengue virus was found by a non-resident woman currently in the province of Piacenza, returning from a trip to Cuba.
“The health conditions of those infected are good and cause no concern – writes the ASL of Piacenza in a note – as it is known, dengue is transmitted to humans only through a vector consisting of tiger mosquitoes that have come into contact with people who are positive for the virus. For this reason, the Public Health Department of the Health Authority has The local Piacenza, after the isolation of the woman, activated the prevention measure stipulated in the national and regional regulations to counter its possible spread. Therefore, specific disinfection interventions against tiger mosquitoes were carried out both in the buildings in which the woman is currently residing and in the environments in which she was in the previous days. “

“This precautionary measure – explains Marco Delidon, Director of the Department of Public Health – allows to eliminate the mosquito population in the affected area, thus avoiding the spread of the virus effectively and safely. The intervention is added to everyone already present to counter the spread of this insect, which is carried out by the municipalities within the framework of the program Regional Anti-Tiger Mosquito.
He adds: «For the population, the councils remain already widespread in the context of the regional campaign: it is advisable to protect yourself from bites. The mosquito works mainly during the day. When it is not possible to wear long, light-colored clothing and in any case on areas of the body that are still exposed, it is useful to use insect repellents. I remember that the tiger mosquito needs a little standing water to lay its eggs and reproduce. We therefore demand maximum cooperation from citizens, who can work in private areas and thus make the ordinary and extraordinary interventions envisaged by the municipalities more effective. Simply remove the water from the dishes, clean the drains and cover them with mosquito net, remove the grass clippings, do not leave watering cans and vases open up and keep fountains and decorative cabinets clean by introducing appropriate larvicide products.”

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