Wombat’s mother and cub try to escape floods in Australia

The wombat and her cub are trying to escape the flood: It’s one image that comes from Australia, a country bent on floods that force thousands of people in Victoria to flee.

Staff captured the photo of the two animals in distress at Molesworth Recreational Reserve and Caravan Park, just over 100km northeast of Melbourne, where wombats were spotted. The fate of the creatures after the shot is not known. In fact, in South Australia, chaos reigns these days due to the wave of bad weather that residents are trying to deal with amid the damages and displaced people.

A zoo spokesperson said that when the photo was taken, the mother and her baby marsupial weren’t the only marsupials fighting for their survival. “There were wombats searching for land everywhere,” said the employee. The situation is dire at the moment: the entire park is buried by waters that are getting deeper and deeper.”


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