Woman who outdid Hilaria Baldwin says fake accent is ‘offensive’

The social media detective who sparked Hilaria Baldwin Spanish dialect scandal She said in a new interview that the popular yoga expert should “own what she did” – and described her claims that she was born in Spain “abusive and wrong.”

The woman, starting a topic December 21, under LeniBriscoe who questioned Baldwin’s claim to be born in Mallorca, He told the Daily Mail It has no regrets for standing behind the morn.

“People were asking me if you don’t have anything better to do, and the answer is: No, I don’t have,” she told the news outlet on condition of anonymity. “It’s a pandemic, it’s cold outside and I don’t celebrate Christmas.”

On Monday she said Infamous tweet: “You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to 10 years in Spanish impersonation.”

Amid the firestorm, Baldwin is forced to admit it though He speaks with a questionable accent She claims to have been born in Spain, as she is actually just a “white girl” from Boston.

Resident on Twitter He told the New York Times Anonymous Wed it Public appearances are feared Because Hilaria’s husband Alec Baldwin might beat her.

Brisco – who attended elite Vassar College in northern New York – criticized Hilaria for claiming she was born in Spain.

“It is offensive and it is wrong to pretend that you are an immigrant, that you speak English as a second language, and that you fit into the actual experience of actual immigrants. This is not what happened,” she told the Daily Mail.

“She posted a message saying that people in the park think she is the nanny because her children are blond and have blue eyes. This is something that happens to mothers of color who already have an accent.”

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“This is offensive, these are difficult experiences people have actually gone through and pretended. It’s not really necessary. It can be a hot white influencer. Lots of people do that,” Briscoe added.

She also said that at first she didn’t realize Baldwin was impersonating a Spaniard before people found articles about Spanish culture.

“It makes it worse for me,” she told the Daily Mail.

Briscoe also revealed that she’s been inundated with messages since her original post, some of which were just not cute.

“Some people said I did it because I’m jealous and ugly. I don’t care if I’m ugly. She told the executor,” It seems like a lot of work to look like her.

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin
Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

But she also said she “feels some responsibility” for the backlash against Baldwin on social media.

“In this case it was funny but social media can be really cruel and damaging when there is a pile of when someone does something people don’t like.” She said, “I don’t think that’s cool.”

“People were saying some cruel and unnecessary things. That bothered me.” She added, “There are a lot of things you can criticize Hillary Baldwin for, and you don’t have to make fun of how many children she has, that was really offensive to me.”

“It reminded me when people mock Melania Trump for wearing her naked. Who cares? It doesn’t hurt anyone. Briscoe said, I’ve done other things you can make fun of.”

She said, “There are elements of misogyny that come but it is important to summon people when they do harmful things which I think were.”

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When asked what she would say to Dwayne, Briscoe said: “I would say she has to say sorry to all the immigrants, second-language learners and mothers of color who mistakenly think they are nurturing their children. You should have what I did.”

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