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Wollongong 2022 – What’s left of these cycling world championships in Australia

WOLLONGONG – The Cycling World Championships ended less than 12 hours ago with Remco Evenepoel’s “chosen” achievement. The man (or rather the boy) is destined to change the cycling hierarchy at all times. Eddie Merckx’s heir, even if the party involved denies it. He won the world championship among the pros, at the age of 22, as he did in 2018 in Innsbruck among the juniors: escaping from afar and finishing alone. In Austria, he also added a perforation and a follow to the house specialty. Belgium, who also has another great hero on her hands, Van Aert, pampers this boy who, as smiling and accessible, is still divided. Not everyone in his country garage smiled during the last great kilometres. The duality between him and Watt is destined to mark an era.. Let’s see how it unfolds.

What is left of the cycling world championships in Italy? Let’s start backwards, to be fresh and up to date and not to forget anyone. Lorenzo Rota’s stunning gaze remains right after his arrival. It took him some time to rearrange his thoughts and tell him: I’ve already lost a lot of sprint races this year for a lot of generosity; I didn’t want it to happen again today…” But it happened again. Too bad, will be there again.

There is still a group of rookies on the professional national team who are getting ahead in the race. Had it not been for Battistella, Conce and Rota himself, the verdict on this first national team for Davide Benatti probably wouldn’t have been the same. But history does not change, so I congratulate them and the blue coach. He said: “We are not preferred, but we are not.”. We’ve seen beautiful Italy that has collected less than it deserves.

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Matteo Trentini remains, the leader of many battles. The man who is able to bring serenity to the group, the frustrated Bebo Jana smiles and relieves tension. “You got 5th place, you realize!” He shouted right after he arrived. His second world championship as champion after the Yorkshire Championship. The Italian cycling man of the season, who has lost Sonny Colbrelli and is still looking for a suitable replacement. Meanwhile, Matthew pulls the wagon. Not only with results but with the power of a quiet guy. Our sincere congratulations!

There is still the smile of Silvia Persico, the athlete who perhaps no one on the outside expected to see the elite women on the test stand. But Silvia is strong… very strong. Resisting and clenching his teeth upwards, the podium is played in the sprint. If it were not for Van Vleuten, who spoiled everyone’s plans, the enemy would have also gone another way. Elena Cecchini, Vittoria Guazzini, Elisa Longo Borghini, Marta Bastianelli, Sofia Bertizzolo, Silvia Zanardi, the wonderful interpreters of the race, take the podium with her. And also Elisa Balsamo’s disappointment: she hoped for the best, for something more. Perhaps in a re-affirmation. Now for her certification, then next year she will be back in the field. In women’s cycling, nothing is invented out of thin air and the victories are always multiple. Let’s wait for it again as it deserves its category.

Francesca Pellegrini’s lively eyes remain: “Fourth in the European Championships, and the fourth now as well. It’s fate!” He doesn’t create drama and looks as confident as a girl under twenty years old should be. Along with Federica Venturelli, it had to be her world championship. Instead, he did it on the ground and then in the infirmary. But you see her calm, finally without any responsibility on her. He is 17 years old, and the rematch will be next year.

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Relay remains losing gold for 3. Edoardo Affini, Matteo Sobrero, Filippo Ganna, Elena Cecchini, Elisa Longo Borghini and Vittoria Guazzini look each other in the eyes upon arrival and smile. Did they lose the gold? No, they won, in the sense that they responded in the best possible way to the uncertainties and uncertainties that accompany every National Cycling Team launch. To assumptions of diminished circumstances, to deceptive controversies over clock registers and more. Australia is not very far from the rest of the world, in this era of globalization, the pressure is felt, even here, at a distance of 16,000 kilometers. But when it comes to running for the same shirt, these guys put it all behind their backs and fly. Nor did anyone dare to believe it, as we all hoped.

Vittoria Goazzini also stays, like Van Vleuten and Evenepoel, in attendance for an unforgettable season. He started winning with the Portuguese national team in European championships and collecting titles on the road and on the track. Now the U23 rainbow jersey, a first in UCI history. In less than 15 days, the World Track Championships will take place. “Then I leave and take a nice vacation.”. Vittoria is always smiling, witty, at the borders of the Galliardi. But she also has something more. Realizing his role, with the talent he can still improve, and the sacrifices it takes to be a top-level athlete. He grew and matured without losing his lighthearted spirit. If you are strong in your head, you are strong in your legs too. And here, in Australia, under a vault of stars unknown to us, Vittoria proved it.

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Finally, there is still Filippo Gana, the boy who we personally saw grow up here in the national team from his first blue jersey, when he was young in Florence. The boy is now a man and a hero who has not lost touch with reality. Two sentences of it:Will this silver still be my fault? He asked himself provocatively after testing the relay. Then on his way to the press room, the audience stopped him, asking him to autograph. He looks at us and whispers: ‘I can?’. Of course you can..and Filippo throws himself happy and ready to receive the affectionate hugs of his people: the real enthusiasts, who don’t usually sail inland but conquer the cycling docks.

and we are with them

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