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Rai 4 Today proposes a movie titled Trauma Center: Witness Hunt. The movie is thriller with a dramatic setting. There are also action scenes referring to an action movie.

Duration is 1 hour and 27 minutes. Production from United State.

Trauma Center: Look out for the witness movie – the direction, the heroes, as it’s filmed

The trend is An Alexandrian died. The main heroes Madison Taylor And lieutenant Steve Weeks Explained consecutively by Nikki Whelan H Bruce Willis. Also in the cast Tito Ortiz Who gives the face to The investigator Pierce H Steve Gutenberg, Or personality Jones.

Filmed in Puerto RicoEspecially in the capital San Juan. Production from Emmett / Furla / Oasis Movies (EFO movies) In partnership with pepper H BondIt Media Capital.

Simply original title Trauma center.

Curiosity: The movie had such a limited presence in cinemas around the world that it achieved less than 100,000 dollars.

Trauma Center Find a watched movie where it was filmed

Trauma Center: The Search for the Witness – the plot of the movie broadcast on RAI 4

The narrated story has the role of its protagonist Madison Taylor. The young lady stands at San Juan From Puerto Rico When she was injured in a fire battle between two corrupt policemen: Pierce H subsequent.

After losing consciousness Madison He wakes up in the hospital with an injured leg that doctors take care of. Madison is the only witness to the shooting that took place between the two policemen. That’s why she is placed under the protection of a respectable and upright police lieutenant Steve Weeks.

However, the certainty of being able to do so is short-lived. Actually Madison He begins to live a real nightmare at the two policemen Pierce H subsequent They appear in the hospital, bent on killing her. In fact, they both understood that Madison She is the only eyewitness to their sins. This is the key to keeping track of the two easily.

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Madison She is so trapped inside the hospital that it has since been closed to protect her. But Pierce H subsequent They chase it and try to locate it as it moves.

The end of the movie

Madison At this point he turns to him Wakes up To seek help from him. It will be extremely difficult to call the cop and he will have to use all the weapons in his power to try to survive a real nightmare night. He hopes he can find out if there’s a way out of the hospital.

The last part of the film is full of perversions in the succession of situations in the limits of credibility.

Trauma Center search for final film watched

Trauma Center: Patton Hunt – The Full Cast

Below is the film crew Trauma Center: Witness Hunt And the characters that the actors played

  • Nikki Whelan (Two women and a secretMadison Taylor
  • Bruce Willis – Steve wakes up
  • Tito Ortiz – that. Pierce
  • Texas Battle – Sergeant Tal
  • Lyn Gilmartin Crystal Infirmiera
  • Catherine Davis Emily Taylor
  • Lala Kent – Renee
  • Sergio Rizzuto Marcus
  • Tyler John Olson – that. Tony Martin
  • Jesse Pruitt – Elephant
  • Steve Gutenberg Jones
  • Heather Johanssen – Nurse Rachel

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