Without knowing it, we can have a plant in the garden that hurts a lot

We all want to have a beautiful garden. And to do that, we always work hard. at Previous article We have advised the best way to organize to get an enviable result.

In short, to have a beautiful garden you need to show perseverance, organization and creativity. But what if we live in green spaces and there are plants on our property that we don’t know very well? We did not plant them, but they came naturally. They might have been there for a while, before we moved to our house.

Anyway, without us knowing it, we can have a plant in the garden that hurts too much. Maybe we planted it, or it might already be there. Anyway, let’s be careful.

A plant with distant origins but also found in Italy

Especially in central and southern Italy, we can find American cacti in our garden. He is, as the name suggests, he Originally from America (From the north, to be exact), but we can also find it here.

It is a beautiful plant, with long and beautiful looking leaves, and is actually often used for decorative purposes. Not only that, it also has good medicinal properties, and in fact Native Americans used it to treat skin problems. But it can cause big problems.

Be careful when we touch it

What few people know is that the leaves contain a specific sap. It is rich in a substance called echogenin which can be irritating. In fact, if it comes into contact with our skin it can cause itching, pimples and dermatitis. Nothing dangerous, in fact it is not considered a poisonous plant. But the discomfort, and sometimes the pain, can be really strong and last for quite some time. As always, if symptoms persist it is best to contact your physician, who will be able to prescribe any treatments.

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Without knowing it, we can have a plant in the garden that hurts a lot. However, being a useful and beautiful succulent, let’s not remove it just for the sake of it. Let’s just try not to touch her without gloves and we’ll see that it gives us satisfaction. We’ll have a little bit of America here too, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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