“Without a vaccine, domestic workers without a salary” –

Sterilgarda, the large food company (Italy’s fourth largest milk producer) in Castiglione delle Stiviere with about 350 workers, uses an iron fist in the vaccinations.

Chairman Fernando Sarzi sent a letter to all employees and suppliers specifying that those who have not been vaccinated against Covid may change their duties In order to exclude the risk of infection due to contacts with other employees.

In the event that this change in duties is not possible, the worker will not be accepted into the company and his salary will be suspended until work is resumed.

Briefly, Without a vaccine, he risked being excluded from Sterilgarda without pay (but not fired).

The strong stance that caused the debate, particularly on the Internet where communication has already become a public domain, was outraged by “no fax, no green lane”. Sterilgarda, through his legal group, demonstrates that Assessments are underway on how to move forward to protect the right to work and the right to health, which are rights for allDuring the pandemic period, when the infection recovers and at the same time everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated. It wasn’t said – the food company’s lawyer explains – that we should actually stop the business, but One of the options presented, which will be considered before SeptemberWhen resuming work after vacation.

Prior to issuing the memo to employees and suppliers, Sterilgarda initiated a schedule with standardized union representation within the group and with the occupational physician who follows the company, so as to find the most appropriate solution for everyone’s health and work. Company condemnation – He reads the letter to the staff – That epidemic containment tools, especially vaccines, are and will be essential to avoid the reintroduction of restrictive measures. Protecting the company from biological hazards is one of the obligations of the employer with regard to safety in the workplace. The legislation already in force provides for the mandatory administration of vaccines such as tetanus, hepatitis C and tuberculosis to many categories of workers. add to that Vaccination exposure is also an ethical tool to respect and protect workers and their families, as well as all those who already have to live with conditions incompatible with the administration of the vaccine, so the remaining subjects are vulnerable to infection in the workplace.

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July 28, 2021 | 07:22

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