within his patient records

A booty worth a few tens of euros, but extremely valuable to those who suffered. Giulia Sarnico, a young professional from Brescia in the field of sexology and applied psychology, has launched an appeal in recent days to try to recover what was stolen from her car. He does not refer to the wallet (there were only a few dozen euros in it), not even to the backpack, or to the keys to the house, but to the works and bags of the children he follows to work.

The theft took place ten days ago, around 21:00, outside a gym in Via Orzinovi, in Brescia, while a doctor was inside training. I went out after the activity, and discovered the broken car windshield. Julia’s appeal: «Of course I don’t care about money or even a glass. But in the car I had all the works and folders of the children and children that I follow at work. Thieves certainly wouldn’t do anything with them and would just throw them somewhere, but I would tell whoever finds them to look for me or take them to someone. In addition to being sensitive data, they are life projects for these underprivileged children – the doctor concludes – I hope you can help me spread the importance of returning lost documents».

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